Mexican Sloppy Joe

My missional community met way out in Apache Junction tonight at the home of the Hart’s. They are a couple that come here from the pacific northwest every winter to get away from the cold weather. There is another couple that comes out as well and the two husbands own and work on Model T’s. We got a chance to sit in them and get a feel what cars were like back in the early days. We had an amazing night of studying God’s word and a powerful prayer session as they layed hands on me. I’ve really adopted this community as my family and I appreciate so much the love they have shown. But one of my favorite things I love about this community is the food that we get to eat each Monday night. Tonight it was Mexican sloppy joe’s with corn bread and salad. Wow!! I just love family home cooked meals like this. Delicious!

Mexican Sloppy Joe


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