My taste for Vietnamese food continues. A friend of mine turned me onto Phở after asking questions about what it is. Phở is a Vietnamese noodle soup, usually served with beef or chicken. The soup includes noodles made from rice and is often served with Asian basil, mint leaves, lime, and bean sprouts that are added to the soup by the person who is dining. Most people from Vietnam will say that Phở is best eaten on a cold rainy day. Well.. I live in Arizona and that most likely won’t happen. But we ended up grabbing lunch at Cyclo to try some Phở. I love how most Vietnamese restaurants are snuggled away in some strip mall and then you walk in and the place has a lot of life to it. I enjoyed my meal as it was loaded with all types of noodles and vegetables.

Cyclo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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