Cooking with Trudy

I have to promote this link for my friends the Maples. Nathan was a youth pastor at my old church and found himself without a job, so his wife Trudy stated a cooking business to help with the bills. It totally exploded and now she has been featured on tv shows and Cooking with Trudy is booking cooking classes on a regular basis (this inspires the chef in me..). On top of that, Nathan just got a pastor position recently and God is blessing their family. I was at a mission’s conference tonight that was catered for dinner. As I was getting my food, I heard someone call my name – it was Trudy. Her and Nathan were hired to cater this conference. I was excited to see them and spent a little time catching up with them. The pasta was great and I told her I would sign up for a class soon. Great friends, great story and great food!


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