Friday Night Lights

I grew up with football. We watched it at every holiday family gathering. Both my brothers played football. My son played it. My high school (Tempe High) took state my junior year. That was a fun year as I went to almost every football game. My friends and I had a tradition of going out to Native New Yorker to get wings, then onto the game and then to Mill Ave in Tempe to hang out. Then we would go to someone’s house and hang out all night to watch movies or drink. I will admit I miss the old Friday night football games. Last year I hardly saw any football. Well, now my oldest son is in high school and attending Hamilton high school. Hamilton has been a dominant football team for the past 6-8 years. Tonight they took on their crosstown rival Chandler High (who has never beat them). Was does this have to do with food? Well, I wanted to relive a little old Friday night football with my youngest son (apparently sitting with my oldest son at the game isn’t cool to him – haha!). Ty and I grabbed some food then went to the game and then off to Orange Leaf for some fro-yo. Not quite as crazy as the old days, but fun.


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