Skyline Chili


Skyline Chili is a popular fast food chain in Cincinnati. They are the official chili for sports teams like the Cincinnati Reds and the Columbus Blue Jackets. So what makes Cincinnati-style chili so unique? It’s a sauce and not chili con carne. Also the key ingredient is cinnamon. In Ohio they serve it over spaghetti noodles or on a hot dog. You can have it 3-way (spaghetti topped with chili and cheese), 4-way (spaghetti topped with chili, cheese and onions) or 5-way (spaghetti topped with chili, cheese, onions and kidney beans). You can also have it as a coney dog (chili with cheese, onions and mustard) or make a dip out of it. Oyster crackers can be a topping as well.

Now my friend from ‘The Nati’ says you gotta have it with hot sauce. He feels it is the key ingredient. I was turned onto Skyline chili years ago from my friends from Ohio. Because they didn’t sell it here in AZ, I found a recipe and made my own. I think I might have ordered some from their website as well to make sure I was making it right. But now that I see they have been selling it in the grocery stores, I’ve been stocking up on it. As my friend Preston from OH puts it, Skyline chili is some “Good S**t!”

Not the prettiest pictures.. but you get the point! (coney dog and a 3-way)




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