Art, Love, and Beauty


Makoto Fujimura

The assumption behind utilitarian pragmatism is that human endeavors are only deemed worthwhile if they are useful to the whole, whether that be a company, family or community.  In such a world, those who are disabled, those who are oppressed, or those who are without voice are seen as “useless” and disposable.  We have a disposable culture that has made usefulness the sole measure of value.  This metric declares that the arts are useless.  No-the reverse is true. The arts are completely indispensable precisely because they are useless in the utilitarian sense.

– Makoto Fujimura “On Becoming Generative”  

This is lecture 1 of a 6 part lecture series by Makoto Fujimura on Art, Love and Beauty. In this lecture broadcasted live from Space 38l39 in New York City, Mako explores the relationship between Art and Beauty. These lectures will pave the way to implementing Culture Care strategy in the IAM movement. The recently released booklet On Becoming Generative: An Introduction to Culture Care is an abbreviated version of Makoto Fujimura’s upcoming book Culture Care due to come out later next year.

– full notes from Makoto Fujimura’s lecture can be found here


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