Birthday Freebies

So… this is me! Don’t I look happy? It happens to be my birthday week. It is also the beginning of my last year in my 30’s. I’m not having a mid-life crisis or anything… I love my life! Age means nothing to me because I still feel like I’m in my 20’s. I’m not much of a birthday celebration guy, but I do take advantage of the birthday perks out there. Most notably the free food many restaurants have to offer. I will posting pictures of all my freebie dinners on this blog. Enjoy and take advantage of them when your bday comes up (and don’t feel bad about it)!


I have never understood the whole cup cake craze and the little shops that people go to. But it was my son’s 12th birthday and I decided to buy some cupcakes from Mind over Batter. I bought a speciality cupcake made of ice cream just for him that cost me $5. How did he like it? Well, my Missional Community from church threw him a party and he ended up smashing the cupcake in his face. It was a fun birthday for him and a bit of a reunion for all of us with all of the summer vacationing we had been doing.

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The Spread

When I go to house parties, I like to eat. Well… we had quite the spread for Aaron’s birthday party. There was shrimp, mexican food, fried chicken, pulled pork, chips – everything you can think of. I couldn’t stop munching. We also had a lot of dancing. The macarena, the watermelon crawl – it was fun. Some people even took some time to jump off the roof into the pool. I even played jenga for awhile. A lot of fun and a great night of fellowship.


I had a fun night at IchiBan in Mesa (I like to call it itchy buns..) for Kim’s birthday. Steve got together quite a few people for the teppanyaki party around the grill. I haven’t been here since my saki bomber days in college. I had some sushi, tempura and beef. The food was pretty good, but only one waitress for the whole restaurant. She was definitely running all over the place like crazy. But we all had a good time and the show was fun.



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Joe’s Farm Grill – Free birthday meal

I love going to Joe’s Farm Grill for my birthday. They give you a free meal. My birthday happens to be the day before Christin and I’s wedding and we celebrated with the kids and my dad. I got a big burger and sweet potato fries and loved every bit of it. Check out my other blog entry on Joe’s here.




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