l am really enjoying my photography class at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. For our next project, we are learning about aperture. A wider aperture causes the background to be more out of focus, and a smaller aperture yields a photo with more areas of the image in focus. A small f number is used for a larger apreture while a large f number is for a smaller one. Below are some side-by-side examples of photos I took experimenting with aperture.

Random photos experimenting with aperture


I started a new class at Chandler-Gilbert Community College – ART142. This is an introduction to digital photography class. I have taken both of their black & white film classes and really enjoyed them. Last year for Christmas, I bought myself a Canon T3 camera on Black Friday. It’s probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. I’m looking forward to taking better quality pictures and learning some new skills with this class. For our first day of shooting we practiced taking pictures at different focal lengths. Above are some of the pictures I took around the beautiful campus.