Miracle Mile Delicatessen


The Straw and Boston Cream Pie


“Live Life Deli-ciously”

I had a blast here on at a Yelp event a couple months back. Miracle Mile gave us a couple discounts to come back and visit again. The food here is delicious! Miracle Mile Delicatessen was started by its founder, Jack Grodzinsky after he moved to Tucson with his family in 1949 from Brooklyn, NY. Not finding work in Tucson, Jack took a bus to Phoenix and discovered and purchased a café. After a couple years, he purchased another café and named it “Miracle Mile” so customers would remember it. In the 60’s, he purchased another location and his busboy, George Garcia (who worked there for years) would eventually take over the business years later. Today, Miracle Mile has a brand new location on the southeast corner of 16th Street and Campbell. The 6,000-square-foot “retro art deco” restaurant is an entirely brand new building and opened up in 2015. They’ve added breakfast and now have beers on tap. The restaurant deli keeps to some of its old traditions and is still ran by the Garcia and Grodzinsky families. The service is cafeteria style where you choose your food as you go through the line and pay at the counter at the end. The portions are generous and the food is delicious. Soups are made from scratch daily. I personally love their huge pastrami sandwiches and I have now made a few visits here. Miracle Mile partners with Feeding Matters – an organization that serves kids with pediatric feeding disorder (PFD).


The Combo

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Bison Witches and the Sun Devils

I love football season! It’s nice watching and attending games this year after missing out on football most of last year. Arizona State University had a great first game against NAU last week. Sure NAU is an easy opponent, but ASU looked great against them. Better defense and more discipline under new coach Todd Graham. Tonight they played the Fighting Illini of Illinois. I invited my long-time sports buddy Preston and his wife Christina to come along. Preston and I have attended tons of sporting events together over the past 15 years and we always try to grab some food and drinks before a game. It’s a blast being around other die-hard sports fans to get pumped up for a game. Plus I grew up in Tempe and it’s always fun to hang out there. Tonight we went to Bison Witches – a bar & deli that started in Tucson and now has expanded to three states. We had a blast at the game as ASU won 45-14.


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Breakfast at Chompies

This guy turned 16 today. I flew in just in time to get the family together at the last minute to celebrate at Chompies. I’m happy for Jake and how hard he has worked. Even his driving is improving .. haha. Chompies has a very large menu with food influences from New York. I got corned beef hash and potato pancakes.

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The Muffaletta

The kids and I have been having a lot of fun lately. We went to one of our favorite places before church tonight – Jason’s Deli. My favorite sandwich outside of the New Yorker is the Ham and Hard Salami Muffaletta. This awesome sandwich has ham, hard salami, provolone & an olive mix served on a grilled New Orleans muffaletta bread. I got their yummy pot pie soup on the side along with their black currant iced tea. But the best part of Jason’s Deli is the free ice cream bar. Love coming to this place!

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Hot Pastrami!!

I love that they built a Chompies next to me. They seriously have so much stuff on their menu. I’ve been eating there a lot lately. I love delis and I especially love the flavors of New York (hot pastrami..mmmm).


New York style meatloaf

From Chompies’ website :

Founded in Phoenix by the Borenstein family, originally from Queens, New York, Chompie’s serves up a huge menu of award-winning “Breakfast All Day”, authentic N.Y. style Pastrami and Corned Beef Mile High Deli Sandwiches, traditional Matzo Ball Soup, fresh Specialty Salads, homemade “All Time Favorite” Dinners, fresh baked-from-scratch Breads, Cakes and Gourmet Pastries, and our world famous multi-award-winning N.Y. style boiled-then-baked Bagels in 35 “hot” varieties morning to night, 7 days a week.

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