One of my favorite movies growing up was Tron. It came out in 1982 and starred Jeff Bridges. It has developed into a cult film over the past couple decades. When I was a kid we used to play Tron games by using frisbees as our identity discs. I loved the arcade game too with its cool light-up blue joystick. Back in the day, Disneyland had a ride called the Peoplemover that took you through the park and through the World of Tron. My favorite scenes in the movie were always the lightcycles ones. In 2010, Disney released a sequel to Tron called Tron: Legacy. This movie brought back all the fond memories I had as child. Below are the trailers to the movie.

Tron Legacy Trailer #1

Tron Legacy Trailer #2

Disneyland’s Peoplemover ride through the World of Tron



I wrote in an earlier post about Cobra Arcade Bar. I always thought it would be cool to own an arcade like Flynn did in the Tron movie. Cobra Arcade Bar has brought all that nostalgia back to me by bringing back these classic arcade games. Tonight Cobra partnered with FilmBar for a Tron theme night. They showed the original 1982 movie over at FilmBar and then had a themed party afterwards next door at Cobra. I was totally stoked about this night when I heard about it. They had exclusive drinks just for the night and the staff dressed in Tron gear. I ordered a blue drink called Quorra’s Revenge that was really good. A Daft Punk tribute band called One More Time were the DJs for the night. They even had the classic Tron arcade game on hand to play. I of course had to wear my Flynn Lives t-shirt to get into the spirit of things. I had a blast and hope they do more theme nights like this.



One More Time


Jeff Bridges in the original Tron movie

Shanghai Disney Resort recently opened a Tron ride. Bummer they don’t have it here at the U.S. resorts. But it looks fun!

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The Force Awakens

D23 Expo’s “Worlds, Galaxies, and Universes: Live Action at The Walt Disney Studios” ended with Star Wars. On December 18, The Force Awakens comes out in theaters. This was the part I waited in line for so long for. My family grew up with Star Wars and now it has been fun seeing my kids and nephews embrace it as well. Director J.J. Abrams introduced the cast (Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Lupita Nyong’o and Daisy Ridley) of the new movie. But the coolest part was seeing one of my favorite actors ever (Harrison Ford – Indy himself) on stage. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed experiencing this with my family.

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Bob Iger made a huge announcement about the future of Disney parks. He announced that they would be building Star Wars land at both Disney parks in Orlando and Anaheim. I’m excited for this and can’t wait to check it out.


Afterwards we got an exclusive D23 Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster. This was such a cool experience and I even bumped into Darth Vader and a stormtrooper outside the convention center.





Daisy Ridler shows off her poster on her Instagram account. My nephew Devyn got to meet her while walking around the Expo.



Independence Day

It was awesome to be at Disneyland for Independence Day. They put on an amazing firework display that capped off a fun day for us. Afterwards, we got ice cream at Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main street. It’s been a tradition of mine to get ice cream here before closing time since I was a little boy. I remember back in high school days getting ice cream and then playing video games at the Penny arcade next door (which is no longer an arcade). I got the Strawberry Street Car Sundae and it was awesome!

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