I love cooking on Thanksgiving. I’ll have the Macy’s parade on in the background followed by some football games while I cook. It’s fun to plan and organize all the ingredients and what to cook first so that everything comes out hot. I just love how cheap all the food is at this time of year. Best advice I heard is to take your list of sides and cut it in half (I have a tendency to make too much). This year I had the honor to cook for several people without family, so I bought an almost 25 lbs turkey. This year I brined my turkey with a killer blend from World Market. Some of the sides I made were a green bean casserole, sausage stuffing, deviled eggs and pumpkin pie. I’m thankful my turkey came out great!








We had over fifty people show up for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was a blessing to serve them and eat and fellowship with them. I saddens me that Thanksgiving gets overlooked because it is such a wonderful holiday. I love spending time with friends and family in community over food.


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Still a classic….

DSC04663I like to Black Friday shop just as much as anyone, but it belongs on Friday…


Turkey Day

This year for Thanksgiving I cooked up a turkey and a bunch of sides while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. I brined my turkey with a great mix from World Market. But the sides are really what make the meal for me. Some of the sides I included were a green bean casserole, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberries and a pumpkin potato pie. I had a lot of turkey left over, so turkey sandwiches were for lunch everyday after Turkey day. I also made a great turkey pot pie loaded with vegetables using flakey biscuits as my topping. I went to quite a few homes for Thanksgiving and made a creamy mac n cheese and some pumpkin cheese swirls for dessert to bring along. It was a fun year for me in the kitchen and a blessing to have many friends and family to share all this food with.

Turkey Pot Pie

Creamy Mac n Cheese in the crockpot

Pumpkin cheese swirl bars