Desert Botanical Garden

Christin and I returned to the spot where we got engaged a few months back. It was free museum day and we were able to go to the Desert Botanical Garden. I love coming to the garden. They have jazz in the garden days, wine tastings and avant-garde evenings with music. The current exhibit were these big bug sculptures placed all over the garden. I feel like every time we have gone here we catch a beautiful sunset. It truly is an amazing place for us and it will always be special to me because it was the place where God called to me to ask my amazing wife to marry me.

Big Bugs

God provided a beautiful sunset for us

Spot where I proposed to Christin

God provided another beautiful sunset for us

Spider web

The start of our journey


Our Wedding Reception – Potluck Style

Christin and I did all we can to keep our wedding simple and unique to who we were. So instead of stressing over food, we did our reception potluck style. It turned out to be a great idea as we had a huge turnout. We had tons of food and everyone had a great time. What an amazing evening for both of us! It’s the happiest day of my life and I can’t believe God gave me this amazing woman to be my wife!