Adobo Dragon


Adobo Dragon offers a menu consisting of Asian-Latino cuisine and is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix at DeSoto Market. The head chef is Allan Inocencio and he is the one who combined the Asian and Latino flavors. Adobo Dragon offers a variety of noodle bowls, tapas and baos. I ordered the curried noodles and a side of albondigas tapas during my first visit. The noodle bowl was pretty flavorful. I felt it was a good-sized portion and the shrimp was nicely prepared. The albondigas tapas were also very tasty. I ordered a chicken and albondiga boa the second time I visited. The boa was perfectly steamed and had a nice texture to it. I also ordered Plantain mojo and found it surprising light and delicious. It came with a side of chips to scoop it up with. Both my experiences were met with great customer service. I really enjoy sitting at the counter and watching the cook fire up these creations while soaking in the fun atmosphere of DeSoto Market.


Curried Noodles & Albondigas


Chicken and Albondigas Bao & Plantain Mojo


DeSoto Market

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Cha Cha Cha

Located in the historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, Cha Cha Cha is a popular spot for tapas and sangrias. Their spicy food has a Caribbean, Cajun and Spanish influence. I grabbed lunch here with my good friend Candace that I have known for years. I love having a friend in San Francisco I can stay with to experience the culture here. Her and I always have a blast together and this was our first stop of a full packed day. We got the jerk chicken, plantains and Cajun shrimp along with some amazing sangrias.

This family restaurant started in the 80’s. They pump in some great Latin tunes (Cha Cha Cha) and have some fun funky decor that gives this place a vibrant atmosphere. The jerk chicken (chicken marinated in habanero peppers, raisins, garlic & tomatoes) was nice and tender and their infamous sangria hit the spot. My favorite was the Cajun shrimp. The shrimps are sautéed in a spicy cream sauce and served in a mini cast iron skillet. I got hooked on plantains when I visited Belize a few years ago and the plantains here are just as wonderful. I recommend anyone visiting San Francisco to make a stop here for some authentic flavors and a little taste of culture.

Here is a video of’s visit to Cha Cha Cha

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