My taste for Vietnamese food continues. A friend of mine turned me onto Phở after asking questions about what it is. Phở is a Vietnamese noodle soup, usually served with beef or chicken. The soup includes noodles made from rice and is often served with Asian basil, mint leaves, lime, and bean sprouts that are added to the soup by the person who is dining. Most people from Vietnam will say that Phở is best eaten on a cold rainy day. Well.. I live in Arizona and that most likely won’t happen. But we ended up grabbing lunch at Cyclo to try some Phở. I love how most Vietnamese restaurants are snuggled away in some strip mall and then you walk in and the place has a lot of life to it. I enjoyed my meal as it was loaded with all types of noodles and vegetables.

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Pho Ao Sen


Tonight I had dinner with my friend Deanna at Pho Ao Sen. I have known Deanna since junior high and she has been a great friend for many years. In addition to her love for food, she is also a great cook. Her and I used to share recipes and bring dishes to dinner parties. She is an amazing Christian woman and I am so excited for her upcoming wedding to her best friend Joseph.


Pho Ao Sen is a modern Vietnamese eatery that embraces the authenticity of traditional Vietnamese cuisine while adopting the new age of contemporary flair. Their restaurant has a unique look and feel to it in addition to their tasteful dishes. I had their mandarin chicken with shrimp along with some vegetarian spring rolls.

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Exploring Asian Culture

I decided to engage in Asian culture today by taking a little tour of some hot spots for Asian food. My first stop was right in my own backyard of Chandler at Lee’s Sandwiches. I love going to Lee’s. Cheiu Le came to America in the 1980’s to start this restaurant and now they are all over the country. Lee’s serves up fresh Vietnamese style sandwiches. I also love their smoothies, iced coffee and the Deli Manjoos (baked little cakes with a creamy filling). My only problem is that they are cash only and I always forget to bring cash.


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Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket is a unique supermarket that sells all types of exotic foods. There is definitely a unique smell inside the place when you walk in. From China to Brazil and beyond, you’ll find authentic flavors and exotic tastings from over 30 countries scattered across the world. Down for a little adventure? Check it out!


I drove down to the Asian Cultural Center in Phoenix next. They have some unique architecture that makes this place very attractive to drivers as they pass by on the freeway. Along with grocery store and some unique shops, they have a great restaurant called the Golden Buddha. I have always wanted to try Shark fin soup – a Chinese delicacy. I thought it was pretty good. Then I had some Kung Pao chicken with rice. They had some live music as well to go along with the great atmosphere. Today was a fun day and I really enjoyed my experience trying new foods and engaging with a new culture.


Shark Fin Soup


Kung Pao Chicken

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